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Frequently Asked Questions

BaseballTOUT needs to eMail you the status of picks and credit for picks that did not win. Unfortunately, many Microsoft based email solutions block emails from web server applications.  Therefore, we prefer to require you to have a non-Microsoft based email domain name for your BaseballTout account.

(Microsoft based emails include but are not limited to:,,,, and

Credit for losing picks will be automatically added back to your BaseballTOUT account the next day after we process the wins/losses and game statistics.  You will receive an eMail notifying you of the credit(s).  Additionally, when you go to the View Picks page, your credit will be displayed there.  Credits are good for the life of your account and will not expire.  They may be used against the cost of future picks.

Your card information is safe. All the information we store on your behalf is in encrypted form and virtually impossible to hack.

No, we do not track or report amount spent by members to the IRS or anyone.   However, you should check with your accountant to see what portions or expenses are tax deductible.

Future Answer

Future Answer

  • Always use money you can live without. Wager wisely. 
  • Increase your wager on the Gold picks' when Favored by the Odds.  
  • Decrease your wager when our pick is the Underdog.  
  • Just like the stock market; wait out the bumps along the way and stay true to the formulas.  
  • Tax deductions for picks against your winnings may vary (personal vs. business). Keep records and check with your Accountant. Background Info can be found HERE  

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