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Baseball TOUT

The "Betting Edge" with VMI Tools

Our TOUTINDEX™ is the edge you need to beat Vegas...
And You Only Pay for WINNING Picks!!


About Us

Baseball Tout and its one of a kind TOUTINDEX™ is a result of a partnership between Air Resistance Technologies, Foxstone Industries and their combined experience with Baseball VMI.

Air Resistance Technologies, Inc.

Cliff, who has been involved with facets of baseball for over 45 years in mountainous Colorado, is the inventor of Visual Memory Index (VMI), the
Neeley Scale air density measurement, and co-founder of

Foxstone Industries, Inc.

Gene, an IT veteran with programming roots extending back to Bell Labs, computer design and network planning in Bell Atlantic (now Verizon) and head designer and founder of Foxstone hosting over 60 custom websites including and

  • Always use money you can live without. Wager wisely. 
  • Increase your wager on the Gold picks' when Favored by the Odds.  
  • Decrease your wager when our pick is the Underdog.  
  • Just like the stock market; wait out the bumps along the way and stay true to the formulas.  
  • Tax deductions for picks against your winnings may vary (personal vs. business). Keep records and check with your Accountant. Background Info can be found HERE  

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