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Our TOUTINDEX™ is the edge you need to beat Vegas...
And You Only Pay for WINNING Picks!!

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Welcome to Baseball VMI
For those of you who have only recently become members, we welcome you to our platform.  Members are rapidly discovering VMI (Visual Memory Index).  Coming soon...... I'm going to switch from Hitter Focus to Pitcher Issues concerning the VMI of the hitters he faces. As an introduction, the following should help you along the way to discovering the data mine which exists only in VMI's website.  Those who h...

Betting the Odds? Over the course of the last 4 years, picking all of the most recent 9,500 games in MLB, our picks have out-performed Las Vegas Odds 63.38% to 59.96%

For the better part of the last decade, we have worked to balance five important concepts in baseball: (1) traditional analysis, (2) "moneyball" concepts,  (3) Visual Memory Index, (4) Game Psychology, and (5) Starting Pitchers.  Using these, we have developed a new and unique TOUTINDEX™ that out-performs Vegas.

Balancing these concepts has achieved phenomenal results. Now you can profit!

Want to see all our game picks? Become a member. Want to buy the higher percentage picks? You simply dig deeper. We have been able to filter our picks, as well, to achieve greater profit percentages for you.  

We're doubly sure you will be profitable with our picks.  So sure that we will credit you back for all losing picks.  You will only pay for winning pick results!


$ 29 per year
  • All game picks each day with a win/loss indicator for each.
  • 63% accuracy

Bronze Picks

$ 10 per game
  • Up to 3 qualifying games per day with a Tout-index spread > 15
  • 71% accuracy

Silver Picks

$ 20 per game
  • Up to 2 qualifying games per day with a Tout-index spread > 20
  • 77% accuracy

Gold Picks

$ 40 per game
  • Only 60-70 games per season rise to a Tout-index spread > 30
  • 87% accuracy
  • Always use money you can live without. Wager wisely. 
  • Increase your wager on the Gold picks' when Favored by the Odds.  
  • Decrease your wager when our pick is the Underdog.  
  • Just like the stock market; wait out the bumps along the way and stay true to the formulas.  
  • Tax deductions for picks against your winnings may vary (personal vs. business). Keep records and check with your Accountant. Background Info can be found HERE  

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